Sally Yates Held Down Her Own; Republican Senators Weren’t Ready For Her

Former US attorney general Sally Yates‘ testimony revealed a lot about Donald Trump‘s former security adviser, Michael Flynn. Flynn was fired after accusations of him discussing classified information with Russia was uncovered.

So here’s what we learned  from Yates’ testimony at the Senate Judiciary hearing:

Flynn became a target for blackmail after allegedly lying to Vice President Mike Pence about conversations he had with Sergey Kislyak, a Russian Ambassador.

Yates told the hearing, “We had two concerns. Compromise was certainly the number one concern.”

“And the Russians use compromise material information in a variety of ways, sometimes overtly, sometimes subtly.

“And again our concern was that you have a very sensitive position like the national security adviser and you don’t want that person to be in a position where the Russians have leverage over them.”

During a “routine surveillance” of the Russian Ambassador, Flynn and Kislyak’s conversations were picked up by the FBI.

She (Yates) had information that suggested Flynn’s talks with Kislyak were about US sanctions, despite his denial.

Flynn discussed possibly lifting US sanctions that served as punishment for alleged Russian involvement to help Trump win the election, Yates told the hearing. 

Then, she revealed that Flynn was lying to the White House’s top lawyer, Don McGahn.

Yates’ testimony verified that concerns about Flynn reached the highest levels of the US government. Former President Barack Obama also warned Trump about hiring Flynn after the November election.

Watch the video of Yates’ testimony below:


-Contributed By Victoria Jonas 

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