Should The State of Texas Be Held Responsible For Neglecting Their Residents?

Recently Texas was hit with a huge snowstorm, which lead to a significant power outage across the state. Many have been left without power for days. Also, pipes have begun to burst, creating leaks and flooding in homes, apartment buildings, hotels, etc. With Texas being unprepared for the snow, the streets were not plowed, trapping individuals in their homes with no way to exit or evacuate. This lead to many families and individuals being cold, hungry, and in unsafe living conditions.

With this tragic incident, it is now being reported by the New York Post that an elderly Texas man has frozen to death amid the unliving and unreal conditions the Texas government has allowed their residents to endure without any assistance. The sixty-year-old man was found dead on Wednesday, and his wife was sent to the hospital after losing electricity for three days.

The Abilene fire department reports that the couple’s home was the same temperature that it was outside due to them going with no electricity, which means they also did not have any heat. With the tragedy of the winter storm and the outages, it is reported this man
is one out of three people who have passed due to these conditions.

A couple of days ago the Mayor of one of the cities in Texas, had to resign after creating a
Facebook post which stated that the local and state government of Texas owes its residents no assistance at this time of hardship and that families needed to create a “game plan” if they had no electricity instead of looking to their government of elected officials for assistance. Is this real?