Strong Wind Watch Tonight Through Late Friday, Trump Holding Another Meeting On School Safety

Strong Wind Watch Tonight Through Late Friday

The National Weather Service is warning of strong winds tonight in DC and surrounding areas that could cause power outages. A High Wind Watch is in effect from tonight through late Friday. Winds will be between 25 and 40 miles-per-hour, with the potential for 60 miles-per-hour gusts. The NWS says to make sure lightweight objects outside are secured and to check for flashlights and batteries.

Trump Holding Another Meeting On School Safety

President Trump is holding a closed door meeting on school safety today. The White House declined to provide specifics about the private session. Trump talked about the recent shooting massacre at a Florida high school in an open meeting with lawmakers yesterday. Trump told lawmakers they can’t be afraid of the NRA. He also appeared open to some measures like raising the age limit on firearms purchases from 18 to 21.

President’s Tariff Announcement Drags Down Stocks

News of U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports is weighing down Wall Street today. The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted more than 550 points after President Trump announced the tariffs that will be implemented next week. He’s proposed a 25-percent tariff on steel imports, and a ten-percent levy on incoming aluminum to resurrect U.S. industry. Critics question the tariffs’ impact on job creation and risk of a trade war with China, and also say it will result in higher prices for U.S. consumers.

Peak Bloom Predicted March 17-20

Washington, DC’s famous cherry blossoms may be out earlier this year. The National Park Service has announced a peak bloom prediction of March 17th through the 20th. The Cherry Blossom Festival doesn’t even start until the 20th. Organizers are excited about the early prediction, nonetheless. The annual festival is DC’s biggest tourist attraction each spring. If the prediction holds true, it would be the second-earliest peak bloom since 1990. That’s when peak bloom occurred on March 15th.

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