The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Shopping for Your New Significant Other


America: land of free and home of the ridiculously stressful holiday season?

Even thinking about everything you need to pick up over the next few weeks – stocking stuffers for the kids, ugly sweaters for the office Christmas party, and now something to fuel your teenager’s newfound sneaker obsession – things can get pretty hectic. The gift for your new boo this season has either been looming over your head since December 1st or the last thing on your mind. But never fear! WHUR has got you covered with our very own New Relationship Gift Guide.

Gifts for new relationships are always tricky. This is the first opportunity to show your significant other how you truly feel about them and there is a lot of pressure to get this right. You don’t want to come off as too strong and buy too grand of a gift, but you also don’t want to be perceived as the passive party in the relationship with weak present. From gift cards to gift bags, here are the new Do’s and Don’ts.

DO: Use this as an opportunity to show off your wit.

Since you guys just started dating, this is your opportunity to keep thing lighthearted and to show you have an amazing sense of humor. Funky socks, witty mugs, and ironic t-shirts are all fair game at this stage.

DON’T: Exceed more than $30

You don’t have to break the bank to show that you care about someone. Especially in a new relationship. The first few weeks are meant for casual dates at bars and coffee shops, so why try to get fancy around Christmastime? Do yourself a favor and keep it under $30.

DO: Take into consideration what your S/O likes

If your partner mentions that she’s a fan of MAC Cosmetics, buy her Viva Glam RiRi. If he constantly brings up classic cars, get him a Ford Retrospective anthology. Anything that shows you have been actively listening to your significant other is bound to put a little smile on their face.

DON’T: Overthink it

Nothing is worse than getting a gift that is significantly more impressive than what your relationship calls for. It’s a nice sentiment, but at the end of the day, extravagant gifts in new relationships just make everyone feel uncomfortable.

DO: Try to be a little whimsical

Practicality is the curse of new relationships. Nothing you do should be practical at this point and that includes your gift. Your gift can be funky, stupid, or meaningless – it doesn’t matter. Remember: this is the only time when you gift doesn’t actually have to mean something. Enjoy it while it lasts!

DON’T: Buy a gift card

Gift cards are for people who have given up. You have not given up.

And there you have it, your stress-free guide to New Love Holiday Shopping. Now ahead and use what time you would have spent worrying about this gift to drive to the mall and treat yourself!


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