The Presidential Election Results May Take Over A Month!

As many of us anxiously wait to hear the results from Election Night 2020, new reports show that we may be waiting until over a month from now for the actual results. A recount may be in the works as one of the battleground states, Wisconsin is up for grabs for both Trump and Biden.

Sources reveal that Biden is in the lead for the state of Wisconsin but it is a tight race. According to the Wisconsin law, recounts are legal and permitted when one party leads by less than 1%. Politicians predict that the race will continue to be close enough that they are reconsidering a recount for this state.

Recounts can take about a month for results to come back so we will be holding tight to see if that is the decision that has to be made. Biden is in the lead with 20,697 votes for Wisconsin but it is only half a percentage more than President Trump.

This election is only beginning so strap in your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!