They’re “Doing The Butt” to spread the word about Colon Cancer


How many of you have seen a Metrobus whose rear end was adorned with an ad that read, “Love Your Butt” and “Fanny” and featured a photo of a denim-skirted pair of buttocks.

The ad, and others like it that began appearing around town last month, is a rather cheeky way of raising awareness of colon cancer. The group behind the ads is the Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation, founded by Michael Sapienza, a one-time professional trumpet player who lost his mother, Christine, to colon cancer in 2009.

The campaign features actual backsides of actual people who have been touched in some way by colon cancer. The idea, said Chris4life’s Maurisa Potts, is to do for the bottom what some in the breast cancer lobby have done for the breast: make it kind of funny.

“A lot of people don’t talk about [colon cancer], basically because of the fear of getting a colonoscopy,” Maurisa said. “But screening is far less invasive than going through chemotherapy.”

The D.C. design agency Hugo Creative worked on the ads, which also feature other euphemisms for that vital piece of anatomy: buns, tuchus, hiney, tushy…

By the way, doctors recommend that you get a colonoscopy at age 50, 45 for African Americans, who have a higher prevalence of colon cancer, and earlier if you have a family history of the disease.

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