A Proposal To Rename Good Hope Rd After Marion Barry Is Not Ok With Everyone

There’s a bit of controversy over a proposal to remain a well known street in Southeast DC. There’s a push to change the name of Good Hope Road to Marion Barry Jr Avenue.

Civic and community leaders are showing a lot of support towards the idea. The feeling however was not the same when the Fairlawn Citizens Associations took up the issue. They voted not to change the name. It’s members feel the Good Hope Road name holds a lot of history with residents. Many of it’s members admire former Mayor and Councilmember Marion Barry. They say he was the mayor of the entire city and that he should be honored with his name at places in each of the Wards not just in Ward 8.

Barry’s widow Cora Masters Barry and Ward 8 Councilmember Trayon White supports the change. In fact, White is expected to submit legislation for the name change to lawmakers. The change would need the approval of the city council.

Supports say the significance would be being able to tell someone to meet you at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr and Marion Barry Jr Avenue, two staunch civil right leaders. In 2014 when Barry passed away DC Mayor Muriel Bowser mentioned renaming Good Hope Road as a way to connect the two icons in the heart of Ward 8.

A petition drive has been launched to collect signatures of support from area business owners and residents along the busy corridor.

For many residents in Southeast Good Hope Road is as significant as Pennsylvania Avenue is for tourists trying to find the White House.

This issue is far from over and WHUR will keep you up to date on this developing story.

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