Amazon Celebrates Gwynn Park Future Engineer Grads

There is a very special celebration set to take place this morning in Prince George’s County and it has to do with some very smart kids and an online retail giant.

At 9 am officials from Amazon will be at Gwynn Park High School in Upper Marlboro to congratulate some students making history. Gwynn Park High School is among the first in the nation with a graduating class with Amazon’s Future Engineer program.

The students graduating from the AP Computer Science classes through the Amazon program. The goal it to inspire, train and educate students in undeserved communities with the skills they need to pursue a career in the Computer Science field. Gwynn Park is one of 50 high schools in the Metropolitan area offering this program. They are the first locally to have a graduating class.

Statistics show by 2020 there will be over 1 million Computer Science related jobs open to those with the skills to fill them. The stats however show a shortage in the number of people qualified to apply at only 400,000.

Each of the grads will receive a certificate from Amazon and there will be a showcase of each of the students projects from the course.

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