CDC Warns Of A Drug-Resistant Infection Linked To Pet Stores

It’s the holiday season and it’s also the time of the year that kids ask for a new or their first puppy. Well, parents listen up. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is alerting the public to a link that they have found with pet store puppies and a drug-resistant bacterial infection.

The illness is called Campylobacter jejuni and it lives in the digestive tract of most puppies and dogs. This bacteria can spread to humans through contact with a dog’s feces.

There have been 118 people confirmed with the infection between January 2016 to February 2018. It covers 18 states and some 29 pet stores workers have become sick.

The CDC is continuing to investigate this growing problem. They advise pet owners however not to give their pet antibiotics but to allow a licensed veterinary to do so.

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