DMV Covid-19 Deaths Top 1,000

Washington, D.C. (Tuesday, April 21, 2020) – The numbers are jarring.  One-thousand persons across the Washington, DC area have died from the coronavirus and nearly 28,000 persons are infected.  Despite those statistics, officials are beginning to see a light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel. Speaking to WHUR this morning, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser said the city is making strides in the effort to slow the spread.  “We are seeing far fewer cases than what was originally predicted for the District at this time,” said Bowser. As of Tuesday, DC has 3,098 coronavirus cases with 112 deaths.  While the District is still expected to see a surge sometime late May or early June, the Mayor is sounding optimistic about the number of deaths being less than the thousands predicted.  But at the same time, Bowser is also reluctant any talk about any reopening timetable for the city.  “We would need to see at least two-weeks of declining numbers before we would move to fully relax those stay at-home restrictions,” Bowser added.

Meantime, Maryland and Virginia are sounding a similar message.  Maryland continues to lead the region in infections with 14,193 cases and 584 deaths.  Virginia has 9,630 persons living with the virus and 324 persons have died.