Local School Leader Wants To Put An End To Young Girls Being Harassed

The Founder and CEO of Washington DC’s Richard Wright Pubic Charter School wants to bring attention to young girls walking to and from school.

Dr. Marco Clark say’s he was getting tired of hearing young girls at his school and other places complaining of being harassed as they walked to and from school. He said grown men are cat calling them and in some cases touching or grabbing at young girls as they walk the streets of DC either to the metro or bus station and to and from class.

Today’s event is called, “Let Girls Walk In Peace”. Dr. Clark wants the public to be aware of this growing and potential dangerous problem in the District. He is also calling on everyone to please look out for young girls in DC if you see them walking and being harassed by an adult male.

Today’s gathering will be held from 3:30 to 5:00 at the school, 770 “M” Street in Southeast.

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