United Way Steps In To Help Local Furloughed Families, It’s Sentencing Day For A Cop Killer In Landover

United Way steps in to help local furloughed families…

It appears that tomorrow thousands of Federal employees will miss their first paycheck since the now 20-day old partial government shutdown began. President Trump reportedly walked out of a White House meeting with Democrats yesterday. Later tweeting it was a waste of time. Some sources say the President asked Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi if he reopened the Federal Government would she agree to fund his border wall. When Pelosi said “No” he walked out.

Today at 1 pm Prince George’s County Executive, United Way of the National Capital Area and the President of Prince George’s Community College will hold a press conference. The focus their joint efforts to help those affected by the government shutdown.

Overnight United way announced that they were activating their Emergency Assistance Fund. They made available $50,000 to select non-profits who help families in need. They were quickly matched by Pepco Holdings DC and Bank of American making the total over $150,000 for area families in need.

United Way NCA is also recommending individuals affected by the partial government shutdown to seek out financial guidance and counseling at one of their four United Way NCA Financial Empowerment Centers. They are located at Prince George’s Community College in Largo, Maryland, Skyland Workforce Center in Washington, DC, Fairfax South County Building in Alexandria, Virginia and Prince William County at the Virginia SkillSource Center in Woodbridge.

Today a 1 p.m. news conference will be held at Prince George’s Community College, Center for Advanced Technology, 301 Largo Road, Largo, Maryland.

Unions join forces to rally in DC over shutdown…

The AFL-CIO office on 16th Street in Northwest, DC will be the backdrop for today’s Noontime rally to end the government shutdown. Members from over three dozen unions including IAFF, LIUNA, AFL-CIO, TEAMSTERS, AFT and AFL-CIO are taking part.

The rally is open to the public and will be held outside of the AFL-CIO offices at 815 16th Street in Northwest. If you are planning to attend they ask that  you please visit go.aflcio.org/shutdownrally.

It’s sentencing day for a cop killer in Landover…

Today convicted killer Michael Ford will learn his punishment for his role in the friendly fire death of Prince George’s County Police Detective Jacai Colson.

Colson who was off duty at the time heard gunfire outside of the District 3 Police Station in Landover on March 13, 2016. He wasted no time coming to the aid of his fellow officers. Colson who was in his street clothes was shot by a fellow police officer during the ambush mayhem. Investigators say the gunman Michael Ford was trying to kill himself, often called suicide by police . Ford’s two younger brothers were in a car recording the incident as it unfolded using their cell phones.

Colson was 28-years-old and a four year veteran of the Prince George’s County Police Department. The other officer was not criminally charged. Ford who was found guilty of 2nd-degree murder in Colson’s death face decades in prison. The prosecution said even though Ford did not shoot Officer Colson he caused his death.

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