Working Out Could Help Reduce Hot Flashes

A new study out of Sweden shows that postmenopausal women dealing with hot flashes could reduce them by working with weights.

Dr. Emilia Berin of Linkoping University in Sweden who lead the study believes working with weights is good for all women but now they are finding out it may have extra benefits for women dealing with hot flashes.

Dr. Berin says most women opt for hormone therapy, which is the most effective to help with the problem that plagues most women during that phase of life.

The test group consisted of 58 women who had four or less moderate to severe hot flashes or night sweats a day. They were given a 15 week resistant training while the other control group kept their current activity level. None of the participants exercised regularly and none of them had any hormone therapy in the past two months.

At the end of the study the group given a 3 day a week 45 minute work with resistance machines and using body weight, they reported a reduction in episodes a day. The change went from an average of 4.5 hot flashes a day to about 4.4. The controlled group that was not asked to do anything different went from 6.6 episodes a day to 6.5.

Dr. Berin thinks more research needs to be done to help women with hot flashes who can not take hormone therapy for one reason or another. Those people include but are not limited to cancer patients.

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