Alfonso Ribeiro Says ‘Fresh Prince’ Role Ruined His Career

Alfonso Ribeiro is getting honest about that iconic role he played.

The actor who starred as Carlton Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air says that the role came at a price. “Playing Carlton on Fresh Prince became a sacrifice. I used to always say doing Carlton was the greatest and worst thing that ever happened to me,” Ribeiro recently said.

Although Ribero was able to host shows like Dancing With The Stars, America’s Funniest Video, and co-starring in In The House with LL Cool J and Debbie Allen, he feels the role in the iconic sitcom took a toll on his future in acting.

“It was one of the greatest roles that I ever was fortunate enough to play, but it was also the role that stopped me from acting again because people couldn’t see me as anything else. The sacrifice was not having an acting career anymore,” he added.