Andre 3000’s New Instrumental Album Marks Departure From OutKast Rap Roots

Recently, Andre 3000 shared with CBS News more about his new album and why this project represents his departure from rap music.

Andre said, “We’re the loudest that we’ve ever been. At one point, the album was called Everything Is Too Loud. But then I just felt like that’s a negative title.” He continued, “You know? I didn’t want to put negative energy out. So I was like, ‘What’s a positive way to say the same thing?’ So New Blue Sun is introducing a new kind of volume, you know? It’s looking past the complaint and trying to figure out, well, what can we do about it?”

He added, “Like I’m 48 now. I think like the older you get, you kind of get this skin or this…protective layer that’s like…things kind of roll off or you better because you have a better understanding of the rollercoaster in a way.”

Andre continued, “I don’t sit and try to rap every day like when I was younger, and that’s all I did when I was younger. I miss those times a lot, but it’s like life changes, life moves on.”