Stars Of ‘The Bobby DeBarge Story’ Tell Us Why Biopic Is A Must See

If you are a fan of the DeBarge family, you will appreciate the Bobby DeBarge biopic. Bobby DeBarge is the eldest sibling of the DeBarge family. Actors Roshon Fagen and Lloyd came by WHUR to speak about their experience working on his story.  Fagen plays the lead role of Bobby DeBarge, where he learned about his musical expertise being the creator of the DeBarge sound. The story also  exposes the trials and tribulations of the DeBarge family. Fagen discovered some troubling moments from the R&B star’s life story.

Lloyd plays Gregory Williams, from the R& B Funk Band Switch, and this role is his acting debut. As we’re closing out Black Music Month, we discussed what artist go through while creating profound music.. Lloyd brought some awareness of the dark side of an artist.

“The Bobby DeBarge Story” premieres Saturday, June 29th at 8pm ET/7C. An encore presentation airs Saturday at 10PM ET/9C.