The WHUR Radio Network offers listeners solid programming across every HD channel. Tune in to WHUR 96.3 HD1, WHUR World 96.3 HD2 and WHBC 96.3 HD3 for a variety of shows, music and more!

Gone are the days of static, hiss and fuzz! HD Radio™ technology offers crystal-clear digital quality by broadcasting a digital signal over traditional radio frequencies. HD Radio technology offers a crystal-clear digital sound, with more stations (HD2, HD3) and no subscription fees. Check out what our HD stations have to offer:

WHUR 96.3 HD1

WHUR 96.3, an HD1 station, is a trailblazing Urban Adult Contemporary station in the Washington DC area, broadcasting since 1971. Programming on WHUR includes the “Steve Harvey Morning Show”and “The Original Quiet Storm.” Listeners can tune in to hear a variety of music including R&B, Neo Soul, Funk and Old School.

WHUR World 96.3 HD2

WHUR World 96.3, an HD2 station, has jazz intensive content and features a mix of Blues, R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, African American Folk and World music. Enjoy programming from DC radio veterans Lorna Newton and Joe Gorham, a weekly show of issues ranging from money matters to domestic abuse or the nationally syndicated “Doug Banks Show” in the afternoons.

WHBC 96.3 HD3

WHBC 96.3, an HD3 station, is Howard University’s student operated radio station and has grown to be a major outlet and training ground for the Howard University student body. This HD3 channel offers urban contemporary music with a mix of the latest Hip-Hop and R&B, as well as throwbacks from the 90’s and the 2000s.

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