A Night Of Comedians with J. Anthony Brown and Tony Baker

These guys are hilarious and it was great to learn how they process.

The night started with an animated conversation with comedian, actor, entrepreneur, J. Anthony Brown. So glad he found time for us as he’s got so much going on, co-hosting a daily morning show on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. He’s starring in a new Tyler Perry sitcom on BET, “Assisted Living!” We talked about many things, including how after several long months battling leukemia, he’s grateful to God he’s now cancer free.

We then welcomed the hilarious and multi talented comedian, Tony Baker. He captured most of our attention from his hilarious animal videos on Instagram. Tony took us through a little journey of how he became the voice of the animals. It really is fun to watch. He is “spot on” with the sound effects and everything! I’m surprised that Disney hasn’t swept him up to do voiceovers for animation. It’s just a matter of time.