Anita Wilson Talks ‘Dance Soul’ Album, Victory Grace’s Food Giveaway

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Dr. Jasmin Sculark, Founder and Senior Pastor of the Victory Grace Center in Maryland and Gospel singer, songwriter and music Executive Anita Wilson chatted with me, Jacquie Gales Webb on Instagram Live about their work and their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Sculark, better known as Dr. Jazz and the Daughter of Thunder filled us in on how the three Ps, Prayer, Praise, and Psalms 91 can help us get through the crisis.  Victory Grace Center is providing food to the hungry in its community and has been following the mandatory state stay-at-home order and streaming services online to followers around the world.  Dr. Sculark said that she may have lost a pulpit during the crisis but she gained a platform.   Dr. Sculark is also providing her “Finally Me For Real” motivational tool free to the public online.

Dr. Jazz came to the United States from Republic of Trinidad and Tobago after the death of her mother with one suitcase, a God-given dream, and $32 in her pocket.  Today she is Founder and President of Dr. Jazz Ministries and the author of several books.  At the end of her interview she prayed for those who are dealing with unemployment, sickness, and loss of loved ones.   

Anita Wilson talked about her new album, “Dance Soul,” her love of the Clark Sisters Movie, working with Donald Lawrence for many years, and her becoming a music executive.  After years of background singing with Donald Lawrence & Company, Anita Wilson started her solo recording career. Her first three albums were all nominated for GRAMMYs.  Dance Soul is an EP of Gospel songs performed in the styles of dance, house and disco.  

Anita is now President and CEO of Reflection Media, Inc and has reacquired ownership of her GRAMMY nominated album, “Worship Soul” and owns her GRAMMY nominated “Sunday Song” album as well.  Anita ended the HUR@HOME Inspiration live chat by sings a chorus of “Here’s To Life.” 

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