Iconic Essence Mag Turns 50!


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WHUR Quiet Storm Host, Angela Stribling, talks with Essence Magazine Editor-At-Large, Mikki Taylor @angelastribling @iammikkitaylor

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Essence Magazine turns 50 years old this year and Editor-At-Large, Mikki Taylor, has led the charge for over 30 of those years.

Ms. Taylor dropped all kinds of gems for us last night. No matter what it is you do for a living, or what your current life situation is, Mikki tells us how to elevate our lives and make it all make sense. You can find all kinds of inspiration in her book ‘Editor In Chic!’

She talks about the early days of being a Beauty and Cover Director at Essence. What that meant to her, as a black woman, to be able to share images and stories of Women of Color with the world. She was so right by saying it is a world conversation that Essence has with like minded people. Honestly, I can’t imagine being without my Essence Mag.

The conversation continues on this edition of HUR@Home ~ LIFESTYLES. Hope you enjoy it.

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