It’s A WHUR Family Affair!

“These are the good ole days!” ~ Angela Stribling

Heritage radio station WHUR has been the “go to” station for decades for many households in the DMV and beyond. People fall in love with the music, community outreach, and mostly the on air personalities. It’s radio… so, you hear us, but you don’t see us.

Last night, we changed all of that. It was an entire Love Fest, as I chatted with each host about their careers and personal lives. I then challenged each one to tell their listeners something personal, that they likely didn’t know about them.

Wow! We all learned about each other. For example, did you know that Autumn Joi was a track star? How about Frank Ski being a huge, and I mean HUGE animal lover? I mean, even PETA would be proud of some of the things he’s done.

We reminisced about the glory days of WHUR… and there were many! However, we all agreed when I suggested, “These are the good ole days!” Stronger than ever! WHUR is Family.