Jekalyn Carr Performs “Changing Your Story,” Sr Pastor Walter Staples Gives Back

In this edition of HUR@HOME Inspiration we featured two faith leaders who are providing God’s people with hope as we work to make a better tomorrow. Dr. Walter Staples, Senior Pastor of the Temple of Praise in Southeast Washington, DC, and Gospel singer Jekalyn Carr.

Senior Pastor Staples spoke from the first book of Joshua on being on the cusp of change. Many of his congregation, including his daughter, participated in the protests against years of injustice against Africa Americans that were sparked by the killing of George Floyd. He spoke about his pleasure with the peaceful protest and the determinations that is needed to make sure the protest is followed with positive change.

Pastor Staples and the congregation of the Temple of Praise are feeding their community spiritually and physically. They have provided over 130,000 meals to the community and they are helping the unemployed. Dr. Staples said they will also aid people who need help getting to the polls in the next election.

Jekalyn Carr is an evangelist, entrepreneur, actress, author, and influencer. At 13 she was a highly sought-after speaker. She delivers messages of positivity, hope, and celebration in her music. At the age of 15 her song “Greater Is Coming” debuted at #3 on Billboard’s Gospel Music Top Ten Chart. She received her first Stellar Award when she was 16 and her first Grammy nomination at 19. At 23, she is a voice for her generation.

Jekalyn offers a 5-week online course on principles to winning in life and has her own beauty line. Jekalyn sang an excerpt from her new song, “Changing Your Story” that is about how God can change the direction of your life for the better and she prayed that we would make it through these difficult days.