Lil Duval Chooses Faith Over Fear, ‘Living My Best Life’

My friend was diagnosed with cancer. He decided to “live his best” life for his remaining five years. That inspired some of the lyrics to the song, “Smile.”

Lil Duval’s first comedy special is out now, and he’s bustling with excitement about it. He believes that God is working through him, in many ways. I believe he’s right. When talking with him, you quickly learn that he’s not a man of empty words. Lil Duval is walking the walk.

Did you know the song, “Smile” was inspired by one of his friends, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer? The friend didn’t get depressed about his fate. Instead, he decided to live his best life for as long as he had left on this earth. Duval, along with a few other friends helped him do just that. That was, in part, how Duval wrote the lyrics to the song , “Smile” featuring Snoop Dogg, Ball Greezy & Midnight Star. The song has over 47 million views to this day.

Be sure to catch Lil Duval’s new comedy special “Living My Best Life,” now streaming. He’s also starring in the sequel to “The Blacks” in June, alongside comedians Katt Williams and Mike Epps.