Lil’ Mo Has A Lot To Sing About. It’s A Whole New Her!

Her new song is for whomever has ever had a Broken Heart!

As our National Women’s History month draws to a close, I had a chance to sit down with this Grammy nominated singer, songwriter, rapper, radio and tv personality, author, and trailblazer. With the help of Missy Elliott, Lil’ Mo broke down barriers in the music industry at a time when women were not prominent at all.

It’s hard to believe that she’s been in the music biz for 20 years, and Lil’ Mo is showing no signs of stopping. Hope you can check out her new song, Broken Heart. It’s not what you think. She’s not singing about her heart being broken at all. It’s quite the opposite. I’m all excited to hear her entire project.

Lil’ Mo has grown into a beautiful young lady. She has learned so much about herself. Remember when she was on R & B Divas and was dubbed “The Queen Of Shade” by Charlemagne The God? Well, she owns every bit of that title. However, her past has only helped her embrace the power she’s had all along. Now, she is claiming it. When talking to her, she talked about so many tough lessons learned from her past. She owns every single experience, and says that she’s no longer angry and broken. Instead, she is using her platform to heal others.