Melvin Lindsey Tribute: Maysa And Boney James Perform ‘Love Is A Battlefield’

What a night! What a night! The incredible, Grammy Award nominated, saxophonist, Boney James, was first to join the conversation tonight on HUR@Home. He talked about how he’s dealing with staying home all this time because of the pandemic. He even tells us how his new CD, Solid, was number 10 on Billboard. That’s impressive.  A self proclaimed home body, he said that staying home is actually not that different from his normal lifestyle. With the exception of not being able to tour. When he’s not working out in his home gym, Boney practices on his sax every day, except Sundays, in the sanctity of his backyard.

Then we brought on the incredible, Grammy Award nominated songbird, Maysa. She looked beautiful and sounded so good. If you haven’t caught it, Maysa entertains us every Sunday with her Kitchen Karaoke Sessions. Follow her on IG so that you don’t miss any. I really enjoyed how Maysa talked about the state of the world today and how we are all in need of more love. That’s nothing but the truth. When you press play, you’re gonna feel the love as Maysa and Boney James collaborated on her song, Love Is A Battlefield. It was so moving.

We closed out the night with a birthday toast to the creator of the Original Quiet Storm, Melvin Lindsey! Hope you enjoy the conversation!

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