Tank Also Does Comedy At His Shows?

Tank’s new single “Can’t Let It Show” is an amazing homage to women everywhere… But, it was hard not to let my feelings show when it came to how much I LOVE his singing. We all love it. This song was a hit from the original by Kate Bush, to Maxwell, and now TANK!

He shares so much in this conversation about how he’s been using this time at home to “cook” up some new music for us. Along with how he uses his social media to give people insight into his life and impromptu songs.

And apparently, we’re going to see more of Tank on the Big Screen, as well as Stand Up Comedy!

You read that right! He said he’s been testing it out at the end of his shows…and is quite happy with the response. So, don’t be surprised when you see him packing the house at your local Comedy Club, too.