The Love Movement Continues With Keith Robinson

“I’m taking advantage of every opportunity! Whatever I set my mind to, I’m giving it my all!”

Some people are just dripping with talent. Keith Robinson is one of them. He is a true creative and seems to excel in each arena. Acting, singing, and stage. So good catching up with my good friend.

Triple threat, Keith Robinson stars in movies like Dreamgirls. You’ve also seen him on many¬† television shows, like Bounce TV’s Saints and Sinners, where he’s a regular character, Miles Caloway.

Keith is a gifted singer too. He’s described by other recording artists as a singer’s singer. In fact, when you talk to him about hsi craft, he’ll quickly tell you that he’s a singer first. We talked about his new single Kama Sutra. Why does he put all of this creativitiy in the world? He says, it’s all apart of The Love Movement.