‘Twin Talk’ With Brandi And Karli, HUR@HOME w/ Paul Wharton Style

Style Expert, Author, Entrepreneur, Paul Wharton gave us a glimpse of what life can be like post COVID-19. Along with his take on what it was like living in the heart of the protests. We talked about his longtime friendship with Hollywood’s favorite mother, Jenifer Lewis, and other celebrities who will be featured in his daily broadcast: The Paul Wharton Show on HUR Voices, Sirius/XM Channel 141.

Icon, Steve Harvey has a very talented set of twins, Brandi and Karli. They host a weekly “Twin Talk” on Instagram and tonight, it seemed like this was a spin off of that. We were all entertained by their quick wit and charm. As we all talked candidly about current affairs, living and prospering through this COVID-19 pandemic, and how they do their part to help others find love. Hit play to catch the fun.

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