You Said Your Man Has to Have What?

“Nothing is off limits on Ladies Night!”

Ladies Night is always fun with the Ladies of WHUR… But, this is one for the books.

It all started when Angela suggested to Nina Brown that they were gonna “hook her up” with a dating profile.

She and Autumn Joi asked Nina what her preferences are in a guy… Okay… everything was going smoothly…

Nina said she’s 6 ft tall and doesn’t mind dating someone taller or shorter. As long as they have confidence.

But then, our very own “shock jock” Autumn took the reigns and said there were some other… very specific requirements the man should most definitely have. LOL

We all laughed so hard that we’re still posting and laughing about it today. I’m not gonna spoil it for you. Check it out for yourself… and be sure not to miss the next Ladies Night!