Never Used A BBQ Grill And Picking Thanksgiving To Be The First Time: 3 Tips For First Timers On The Grill

Not everyone was able to learn how to start and cook using a Bar-B-Que grill. It’s bold to try before or on a holiday, but it’s worth a try. It’s wise to have a back up plan, just in case.

Below we found 3 tips to get you started, because we figure someone out there is preparing their first holiday dinner, and maybe considering a nontraditional method to the table.

One might think about smoking a turkey. Smokers are nice and fancy, but you can use a grill. This was a helpful tip with inexpensive equipment.

This is a bonus with 5 in 1 video. Very great tips for those that are grill newbies.

Here are some amazing tips to start up your grill and a rub for your food that you could consider for your dinner.

The best part of these videos, each one has very helpful methods that can be great for those that have been grilling for years or never did it before today.