Grilling Hack: Recycle That Empty Egg Carton

If you’ve been tossing that empty egg carton in the trash, you’re doing it all wrong. Grilling season is right around the corner so I’m here for all the hacks!

Data shows that between April 2020 and February 2021, 14 million grills and smokers were sold and almost two-thirds were gas and charcoal grills. Experts have lighting a grill down to a science but for a novice like me, it takes a little more time to get the grill going. Then add being hangry to the mix – it’s not a pretty scene.

Did you know that empty cardboard egg carton is the best kept secret on how to perfectly light your grill? All you have to do is douse the carton with olive oil and then fill it with coals, one per slot. Then light the carton completely on fire in your grill. Personally, I’m a fan of Match Light charcoal and voila, you’ve taken the dreadful headache out of lighting your grill this summer.

This hack cuts down on the amount of charcoal you’re accustomed to using. There’s also no need for lighter fluid honestly. Simply add more coals once you start to see the embers from the egg carton.

Don’t believe me? Just WATCH!