How To Make Groceries Last Longer

The CDC recommends Americans reduce their trips to the grocery store as much as possible. The reality is, with not much that we can do, one thing we’re sure we’ll do a lot of is to eat. Most folks can relate to the COVID 15 (weight gain) and it doesn’t seem like that’ll slow down any time soon.

Amy Keating, a registered dietitian with Consumer Reports, is urging consumers not be discouraged by those dates.

“All the different dates are all related to the food’s quality and not safety,” Keating told “Good Morning America.”

She’s encouraging people to stock up and maximize the freshness and quality of food by storing them in the freezer. She recommends blanching vegetables, then freezing them. The expert says eggs can last in the fridge for 3-5 weeks after they are purchased. Bread can even be frozen. Remove the stems from berries when you get home from the market and place the berries in a paper towel-lined container. This will help prevent the berries from getting moldy.

“Just prior to eating them, wash them.”

Here are some more tips on how to extend the life and freshness of your groceries: