Sex Toy Sales Exploding Because Of Social Distancing

Social distancing, due to the coronavirus, is the new norm and it appears there’s no end in sight. Let’s keep it real – sexting and naughty FaceTime sessions can only go but so far. And we’re so paranoid about late-breaking developments on the transmission of COVID-19 that some of us are looking at our partners, with whom we may have already had trust issues, sideways.

“You are your safest sex partner,” the NYC government insists. This directive is basically a recommendation from the NYC Health Department to masturbate as much as your heart’s content, with a reminder to wash your hands and sex toys thoroughly after.

Folks are buying sex toys, lots of sex toys, and the industry is booming. reports top sex toy site Adam & Eve has seen a sales spike of over 30% each day for the past week. And the spike isn’t just from singles either, their spokesperson claims. Couples have more time on their hands and are exploring new horizons, together.

Another leading sex toy company, Emojibator, saw a 225% increase in overall sales and a 345% increase in online store sales alone. Their distributors includes Amazon and other online stores.

“The demand for our products have skyrocketed this past week, in part due to everyone stocking up on their favorite stay-at-home activities with Coronamania,” Emojibator co-founder and CMO Kristin Fretz told Mashable.

“Many people and businesses are affected negatively by the virus and we saw it as a challenge for us as well,” sex toy brand Womanizer spokeswoman Johanna Rief said to  CNN. “The numbers are therefore surprising.”

“With the prospect of long periods at home either alone or with your partner, people are exploring new ways to make the best of the time available,” she added.