3rd Night of Frustration Turns Violent In Minneapolis

(Friday, May 29, 2020) – Fire and smoke can be seen billowing across areas of Minneapolis this morning as protestors took to the streets last night demanding justice in the death of George Floyd.  Shouts of “no justice no peace” became a rallying call as hundreds packed the streets not far from where Floyd took his last breath.

Protestors stormed a police station and set it ablaze.  Meantime, Mayor Jacob Frey continued to call for peace.  “There is a lot of pain and anger right now in our city.  I understand that.  What we have seen over the past several hours and past couple of nights here in terms of looting is unacceptable.”

Floyd’s death, in police custody, has prompted calls for the four police officers seen in a viral video to be fired.  One officer is seen kneeling on Floyd’s neck as he pleads for air saying “I can’t breathe.” Those officers have been fired.  But protestors are demanding they should be charged and arrested. Thus far, prosecutors in the case have not moved to press any charges.

Protests have spilled over to other US cities like DC, New York, Louisville, Denver, and Columbus.  In Louisville, demonstrators are angry over the police shooting in March of Breanna Taylor.  She’s the black medical technician killed by police in her own home as they stormed her apartment looking for someone else.