A New Restaurant Opens In S.E. Today, Former DC Drug Lord Rayful Edmond Could Be Free Soon

A new restaurant in S.E. brings new opportunities for residents…

DC City leaders are preparing for a big celebration today in Southeast. A new business will bring new career and work opportunities to area residents. Bus Boys and Poets is opening a new location at 2004 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue.

This full-service restaurant is in the new building for the Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative. Today opening is made possible by a 3 Million dollar grant, $8 million from revenue bonds from the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development and the support of DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. Today at Noon she will cut the ribbon at the new site. She says this is apart of her promise to bring wealth to all 8 wards of the District.

Notorious former drug Kingpin Rayful Edmond could soon be a free man…

The Notorious DC former drug lord Rayful Edmond who was sentenced to life in prison for a number of charges related to drugs and murder could soon be a free man. Police credit Edmond with creating the crack cocaine epidemic in DC in the 1980s.

Edmond was 24 when he was sentenced to life in prison on drug-related charges. He is now 54 years old and in prison, he has been helping Federal agencies. So much so, a motion has been filed to allow him to leave prison early.

The U.S. Attorneys Office in DC states that Edmond has helped in over 100 drug-related and cold case arrests and convictions. At the height of his reign in Washington DC, he was bringing in 17-hundred pounds of cocaine a month and was raking in $2 million dollars a week. The judge wants to hear from Edmond’s victims and their families before making his decision. Prosecutors have been given an order to present how they plan on doing that.

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