AAA Concerned About A Plan To Add Distracted Driving Cams In Montgomery County

AAA Mid Atlantic is speaking out against a proposal being considered by members of the Montgomery County Council to add distracted driving camera’s to catch violators.

The cameras are similar to red light cameras and it would be used to capture images through a driver’s front window. A police officer and artificial intelligence will identify if an infraction has occurred and a ticket would be mailed out if a violation is found.

The big concern for even some on the county council is privacy. Council member Tom Hucker however introduced and supports the move saying that is would improve safety.

In 2013 state lawmakers made it illegal to use a cell phone while driving. Last year there were more than 38,000 distracted diving-related accidents in the state of Maryland alone.

AAA Mid Atlantic Ragina Ali said, “We’re certainly concerned that it appears that this could be a little more invasive and we’re certainly concerned about the privacy of motorists on our roadways.”

We will be following this story closely.

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