Biden Unveils COVID Plan

Biden Highlights Efforts To Curb COVID Crisis

(Washington, DC) — President Biden is highlighting his administration’s efforts to curb the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Biden spoke at the White House and said the efforts are based on science, not politics. He added, “We will get through this” and defeat the virus. The President said his top priority is ramping up the national vaccination program. He warned it will still take months to get the majority of Americans vaccinated. Biden again pleaded with folks to wear facemasks, calling it a patriotic duty. The new administration is also pushing efforts to expand coronavirus testing.

The President announced a new executive order, using wartime powers to boost supplies of top-quality facemasks and other equipment. He cited the more than 400-thousand people who have been killed by the virus. He also talked about the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on communities of color. Biden again warned that things will get worse before they get better. He said, “We will get through this” and win the battle against the virus.