Biden Unveils COVID Winter Strategy

(Bethesda, MD) — President Biden is unveiling his administration’s COVID winter strategy. Speaking at the NIH, Biden said the situation in the U.S. is greatly improved compared to a year ago. He said roughly 72-percent of Americans will be fully vaccinated by Christmas. Biden cited growing concerns about the new Omicron variant and warned things could take another turn for the worse this winter. He also made another big pitch for full vaccinations and booster shots.

Biden argued vaccines and boosters are free and easy to find. The COVID winter strategy includes tightening international travel rules and greatly expanding free at-home tests. Mask requirements for U.S. domestic and international travel will be extended to mid-March. That includes trains and commuter rails. The President also announced an acceleration of U.S. efforts to push more vaccines around the world. He noted COVID is an ongoing, global pandemic that requires a global response.