Coronavirus Crisis Hits Home for DC’s Mayor

Washington, D.C. (Friday, March 27, 2020) – It’s becoming a reality for many Americans across the country.  Everyday, we learn of a relative, colleague, or friend who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus.  Today, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser was faced with sharing her own personal pain about the pandemic.  “I wanna start with some very difficult news.  A member of my team who worked in the office of legal counsel recently tested positive for COVID-19 and he passed away this morning.” said Bowser.

The Mayor has been tasked with coming before reporters daily to give the latest number of infections and deaths in the city.  DC’s number of infections now stands at 267 with 4 deaths.  While much of the city, like the rest of the region, is on a virtual lock down, the numbers are steadily climbing.  Officials expect the cases to continue to rise, especially as more testing sites go up.

Maryland now has 774 confirmed cases and Virginia 604 persons infected with COVID-19.