COVID-19 Prompts Changes For DC Superior Court

DC Superior Court makes changes amid coronavirus concerns.

DC Superior Court Chief Judge Robert Morin announced today that the Court will suspend a number of its usual activities for the next several weeks. In a news release Judge Morin said the Court, “Places great priority on the safety and well-being of the more than 10,000 people who enter our court buildings each workday.”
The following is a listing of the Court’s plan moving forward.

The Court is not closing, but will be changing its operations to postpone all non-urgent matters or to conduct them telephonically. The announcement will provide information regarding trials and urgent matters.

The Court will keep the number of people, including jurors, who need to report to the courthouse to a minimum. Those with jury duty should call in the night before their service to 202-879-4604 (select Option 5) to find out if they need to report.

The Court will suspend evictions of all tenants and foreclosed homeowners.

Counsel should check the Court’s website for more information on how particular case types will be handled during this time. A detailed announcement on these changes will be posted here, as will changes to the plan as the situation evolves.

Please note that the Court will still be open and judges will be available to hear emergency matters, as well as those outlined in the plan as not being postponed.