DC Council Overrides Metro Fare Evasion Bill, New Orleans Attorney Files Lawsuit Over NFC Championship Game No-Call

DC Council Overrides Metro Fare Evasion Bill

The DC Council has voted to override the Mayor’s veto of the “Fare Evasion Decriminalization Act of 2018”. The vote was 11-2.  The bill will become law after congressional review.  The bill will make fare evasion or Metro “gate jumping” a civil fine instead of a criminal offense.

Student Stabbed Inside Petworth Charter School

(Washington, DC) — DC police are investigating the stabbing of a 15-year-old boy inside a charter school this morning. Police say the victim was stabbed around 10:30 a.m. at EL Haynes Public Charter School in the 45-hundred block of Kansas Avenue, Northwest. It happened after a dispute between two students in a bathroom. A suspect has been arrested and the victim is in stable condition.

Supreme Court Delivers Blow To Transgender Rights

(Washington, DC) — The U.S. Supreme Court is delivering a victory to President Trump and a blow to transgender rights. The high court allowed the Pentagon to start enforcing the Trump administration’s order to limit transgender military service while the issue plays out in lower courts. The Supreme Court may not get the case until sometime next year. The Pentagon could decide to do nothing until the high court resolves the issue.

New Orleans Attorney Files Lawsuit Over NFC Championship Game No-Call

(New Orleans, LA) — A lawsuit against the NFL is being filed by an attorney in New Orleans over the controversial no call play at the end of the game. Frank D’Amico Junior, who calls himself “The Strong Arm,” has brought his case to the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on behalf of two Saints season ticket holders in addition to Saints fans across the nation. The suit seeks to compel the league’s commissioner Roger Goodell into court to explain why he will not enforce a league rule that would allow him to reverse the outcome of the game or reschedule a rematch. D’Amico is requesting an expedited hearing on a Rule to Show Cause motion in the case next Monday, January 28th.