DC Priest Goes On Trial For Sexually Abusing A Young Girl

D.C. Catholic priest, Urbano Vazquez of Northwest Washington, is currently on trial for allegedly sexually abusing a young girl and women. The woman was an active member of the church in which she attended services with her family. On Tuesday, a
A 12-year-old girl testified against him. She stated how he would consistently grope her on a day to day basis. She also claimed he touched her on her private area.

The 12-year-old admits the whole incident made her lose interest in religion and God. A third victim was asked to testify as well. The now 20-year-old briefly explained how she received unwanted attention from him when she was only 16-years-old. He kissed her and made her feel uncomfortable “It felt embarrassing because he’s much older” she stated.

The women who testified against him mentioned another experience she had. She and her mother were eating lunch in the church’s dining hall. Her mother left the room to get some utensils, and that’s when Vazquez allegedly put his hands on her shoulders during a conversation and kissed her. Her mother walked in and saw it, and the priest simply apologized to both of them and left. From that time on he kept his distance.

Vazquez’s trial isn’t in connection with the alleged kiss but he did get charged for four felony counts of second-degree child sexual abuse and one misdemeanor count of child sexual abuse.

This case is ongoing and sources say there could be other victims.

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