DC Records Their 28th Homicide, Former DHS Worker Admits To Stealing Thousands From DC’s Welfare Program

DC records their 28th homicide…

The District of Columbia has recorded it’s 28th homicide of the year. It is a nearly 60% increase from this time last year. The victim is a young person. He is one of three people shot in an alley on Monroe Street in NW.

At Noon, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is planning to take part in a luncheon with faith leaders at Riverside Baptist Church. Bowser will discuss her efforts to decrease gun violence. She is also expected to talk with the clergy members and discuss how together they can help stop the bloodshed.

Former DHS worker admits to stealing thousands from DC’s welfare program…

A former Policy Analyst for the Department of Human Services is going to jail. 49-year-old Gary Holliday of Fort Washington, Maryland has admitted to siphoning more than $400,000 from the District’s Food Stamp Program.

Prosecutors say he knew the system and he chose to set up a fake application and take money from the SNAP and TANF benefits program. Holliday has agreed to repay the city. He will be sentenced in June and faces up to 41 months in prison.

Parents BEWARE of the Mo Mo challenge…

Parents, teachers and or caregivers there is a new online challenge that could have deadly outcomes that you need to be aware of. It’s called the Mo Mo Challenge.

Basically, this latest internet challenge targets young children. Many are seeing it while watching Kids YouTube. The message encourages kids to text a number on WhatsApp. Then it will send them a series of in ceasing possibly dangerous tasks. Reports say the challenges can go from watching a scary move to telling them to take their own lives. It is unclear who is behind the internet challenge.

Some of the victims are shown a scary bug-eyed girl with tangled hair and scrawny arms. Officials suggest parent talk to their kids and make them aware if they see the image pop up on their smart devices they should tell them right away and not do anything that it says.

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