DC Teacher’s Union Wants More Money For Schools

The Washington Teacher’s Union is not in support of DC Mayor Muriel Bower’s 2020 budget plan. Leaders say even though Bowser has allocated nearly a $1 billion dollars to the school system it’s not enough.

The issue is the budget gives a 2.2% increase per student however the estimated cost for educating students is expected to go up by more than 4%. This they say will leave a gap and students will bear the brunt. 52,000 students attend public schools in the District.

Yesterday wearing red t-shirts with the wording “Fund our futures, fund our Schools” over a hundred teachers, parents and activists gathered outside of City Hall to demand more money for education in the District.

The School CEO and the Mayor believe the budget it fair. They also said the budget gives additional financial support to mental health services as well as staff support.

The DC City Council is set to vote on whether or not to approve the budget next month.

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