DC’s Attorney General Sues Marriott Over Deceptive “Resort Fees”

The District of Columbia’s Attorney General Karl Racine says Marriott Hotels resort and amenity fee’s are deceptive.

Racine wants the Bethesda based hotel chain to become more transparent about its pricing and fees. The official complaint was filed Tuesday against Marriott International Inc. stating that the lack of transparency violates the District’s Consumer Protection Procedures.

The suit also alleges that Marriott Hotels are not properly disclosing the true cost of the hotel rooms online. Racine called it “drip pricing”. Where after one books a room they can see an increase due to resort fees or amenity fees from $9 to $95 dollars a night. It directly affects consumers trying to price shop online by not having the total cost posted.

Racine wants the hotel chain to change how they do business, pay restitution to DC consumers and the fines associated with the act.

Marriott officials say they do not comment on current litigation’s.

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