Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” Big Hit for Black Girls

Dozens of little girls in Prince George’s County were among the first to see Disney’s much anticipated remake “The Little Mermaid,” featuring Halle Bailey. They were all smiles and brimming with pride.

Hyattsville, Maryland (Friday, May 26, 2023) – With lots of oohs, ahhs,  and giggles; dozens of young girls Thursday got to be among the first in the DMV to see Disney’s much anticipated “The Little Mermaid.”

The National Black Movie Association (NBMA) hosted a private screening at the Regal Hyattsville Royale Theater for members of the  Crimson Heat Allstars, a Prince George’s County non-profit cheer, dance, and gymnastics group.  The girls, ages 4 to 18-years-old, were dressed in Black to see Halley Bailey bring the Little Mermaid to life on the big screen.  “It was so good.  I liked the singing and when they finally kissed,” said 10-year-old Kayla.  

The Association asked all the girls to wear black to show their solidarity for diversity and inclusion efforts in the film industry.  The NBMA is a non-profit organization providing services and programs for Black moviegoers, aspiring filmmakers, and youth.  ‘I was so happy when my mom told me we were going to the movies and she bought me this pretty dress,” said  6-year-old Riley.  “I really really liked Ariel.  She’s so pretty and she sings really good. Plus seeing Ariel swim really fast in the water looked fun and I want to do that too,” added Riley.

“We were thrilled to sponsor a screening for the Crimson Heat Allstars.  These national champion girls have traveled the country earning medals and awards as Black athletes.    Representation in the media and film makes a difference in how our young ladies see themselves and that’s why the National Black Movie Association exists, ” said Founder and President Agnes Moss.

Crimson Heat Allstars Founder and Head Coach Veronica Burton is excited to close out the organization’s 23rd season with the symbolic film, The Little Mermaid. “The movie represents a need to use your voice and to have your voice heard no matter what space you occupy. Crimson Heat trains cheerleaders, but we also build emotionally responsible athletes. Possessing good character and having confidence is equally as important as winning competitions.”