DMV Making Plans for Possible On-Line Working & Teaching

Updated:  2:43pm

Washington, D.C. (Wednesday, March 11, 2020) – It is literally the talk of every jurisdiction locally and nationally.  How do you stop the spread of the coronavirus and yet keep much of your operations functioning?  Most of the thought centers around teleworking and on-line teaching.

Several colleges and universities right here in the Washington, D.C. area are already telling college students to prepare not to return to classes after spring break.  Howard University just announced it is moving to online and remote instruction following Spring Break from March 23rd to April 6th.  The following universities are also moving to on-line classes;  the University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins, American, George Washington, Georgetown, and Bowie State.

DC and Fairfax County Public Schools are canceling classes Monday to determine if on-line teaching will be necessary in the near future.

Meantime, local elected leaders and federal officials say they are monitoring the threat of further outbreaks to determine whether to tell workers to stay home and telecommute.  To date, there have been 21 confirmed cases in the DMV with 4 in DC, 9 in Maryland, and 9 in Virginia.