DMV’s 2022 Snowstorm Wreaks Havoc

(Tuesday, January 4, 2022) – The DMV’s first significant snowstorm in three years has proven to be a dangerous one leaving hundreds of drivers stranded for 20 hours and counting on I-95 in Virginia and there is no end insight.  The frustration is boiling over with many drivers asking  V-DOT for some concrete answers and help.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam says the National Guard is available to help the stranded drivers.  But they have not yet been called on.  Meantime, he says efforts are underway with police, fire and EMS along with V-DOT to get to people and get the roadway cleared.  For now, drivers like Christopher Nelson from Fredericksburg say the gridlock is ridiculous and state and local officials should be fired for their mishandling of the storm clean-up.

The storm also proved to be deadly.  Three people were killed in Montgomery County, Maryland when a car and snowplow collided.  It happened shortly before 7 p.m. Monday on Columbia Pike and Briggs Chaney Road.  Initial reports indicate, the car may have slammed into the back of the truck.