Empty Shelves and New Rules: Grocery Store Realities

Upper Marlboro, Maryland (Thursday, April 9, 2020) – As the coronavirus pandemic continues to grip  the country, more and more Americans are shocked as they stroll their favorite grocery markets seeing nearly empty shelves.  Those items we often take for granted and pickup without a thought are now truly hard to come by.  Toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning products have become a true commodity.

While the entire DMV is under variations of stay at home orders, people are allowed to head out to grab essential items.  “I was a bit shocked to see the stores so bare early in the morning.  Stores are having a hard time keeping pace with the demands as people try to stock up for the long haul,” said shopper Kimberly Brown.

Things like bleach, lysol, and clorox wipes are hard to find.  But even chicken, eggs, milk, and bread are also rare finds.  And can we say that people are truly enjoying the snacks because they too are slim pickings.

Meantime, most stores have now adopted news social distancing guidelines.  Aisles are one-way only and there are signs that mark six feet distance from the person in front and back of you.  Many stores are also limiting the number of customers that can come in. Additionally, many jurisdictions are also requiring persons to wear masks and some stores also require their employees to wear face coverings.  Make sure you check on the guidelines for your area.