Fatal Shooting In S.E., Md Leaders Look At A Plan To Add More Speed Cams To 210

Fatal shooting in S.E…

Homicide detectives in the District have not identified the man found shot this morning. The male victim was found on Halley Place.

Investigator believes the man who was shot multiple time was shot somewhere else. The probe is ongoing.

Md leaders look at a plan to add more speed cams to 210…

Prince George’s County Indian Head Highway also known as 210 is one of the county’s dangerous and busy roadways.

Today a House, Environment, and Transportation committee are planning to hold a hearing today on a bill to add as many as 7-speed camera’s along the long stretch of roadway. The bill if approved would also allow for the camera’s to be placed at locations other than traffic lights.

There have been over 60 deaths on Indian Head Highway/210 over the last 11 years according to the Maryland State Highway Administration. One speed camera was placed at 210 and Kirby Hill Road following the death of 24-year-old Samira Jenkins. She was trying to cross the road to catch a bus to a job interview.

A Md woman is guilty of manslaughter after crashing into a restaurant…

A judge on Wednesday found Vernell Robinson guilty of manslaughter. Robinson was driving a vehicle that crashed into the Top of the Hill restaurant located in the 15900 block of Marlboro Pike in Upper Marlboro in 2017 killing a man and injuring 9 others. The victim was 73-year-old Isaiah Pugh.

Investigators say the 59-year old was going 75 miles per hour at the time of impact. Her attorney says the gas pedal got stuck on the floor mat. Robinson will be sentenced in the next 45 days.

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